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Allison Sokol,



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Providing physical relief, using holistic methods such as
therapeutic massage and acupressure, one animal at a time.

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Allison performing acupressure and massage therapy on "Gato".

A big yawn from Gato Gordo, an Arabian-Trakehner owned by Connie Greenhut, shows he's certainly enjoying his massage!

Acupressure is a way of restoring or maintaining health with the aid of meridians. These are channels in the body along which energy flows. They are located just beneath the skin.

How Massage Therapy and Acupressure Can Benefit Your Animal

I believe that canine massage therapy is both an art and a science.  A therapist must understand how physiology complements movement, but also how the use of compression and positive energy flow eliminates muscle spasms and tension. 

Animals are amazingly resilient; most desire to please, but sometimes cannot physically demonstrate their willingness.  This is where I can assist your animal and be a conduit to his or her better health. 

When my hands touch an animal, my mind is focused on nothing other than finding and treating the pain that he or she is experiencing.  With my tailored massage strokes and sequences, results are often amazing:  muscles become more elastic, spasms diminish, and training can get back on track. 

It is my goal that your animal leaves the session being able to please and love life like only an animal can.

My canine and equine bodywork and massage commonly assists with:

1)     Elongating connective tissue after trauma or post surgery; thus, breaking down or
         preventing the common formation of scar tissue

2)     Providing experienced passive range of motion (PRM) which increases flexibility

3)     Removing spasms through myofascial release and trigger point therapy

4)     Releasing endorphins; nature’s own “feel good" medicine

5)     Can be utilized as a highly effective diagnostic tool; areas of swelling, tension or growths
         can be more easily detected with my deep tissue work. 

*Please note that massage therapy and acupressure are effective forms of holistic treatment; however, they are not considered a replacement for veterinary care.

 Abbi, a lovable Lab/Pitbull Terrier mix,
is owned by Kathy Sellers of Mary Esther, FL.

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